Businesses Look Forward to Agile Testing

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Published: 08th November 2012
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As a tester one of the first questions you would need to ask is

how agile is this project?”

Agile development recognizes that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of software development, along with coding. Agile teams use a "whole-team" approach to "baking quality in" to the software product.
Hire software Testers on agile teams lend their expertise in eliciting examples of desired behavior from customers, collaborating with the development team to turn those into executable specifications that guide coding.

Agile testing covers all types of testing. The very first advantage that the company got to see with the Agile Methodology is the saving of time and money. There is less documentation required though documents help to a great deal in verifying and validating the requirements but considering the time frame of the project, this approach leads to focus more on the application rather than documenting the things. Since it is iterative in its form, it tends to have a regular feedback from the end user so that the same can be implemented as soon as possible. And because all phases of SDLC need to be completed very quickly, there is a transparency to each individual working on the project with the status of each phase.

Mindfire is the offshore software development company which practice Agile methods in development as well as in testing. Everyone on an agile team works together towards a single goal and the best agile teams are those where the management have been able to provide an environment that nurtures the feelings of empowerment, togetherness, joint responsibility and trust within the team.

Agile practices are specifically tailored to eliminate all kinds of waste manifesting in a product life cycle, but more specifically, improving the quality of developed product is a major goal threaded into most of those practices. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to help clients achieve quality and performance goals by leveraging the domain experience, technical knowledge and substantial investments in testing infrastructure and resources.

We keep a keen eye on the pulse of market and add new solutions to our portfolio that are in line with the latest market trends and ever changing requirements of the businesses. We are a client-centric, focused team of professionals offering a comprehensive set of core and specialized testing services. Mindfire Solutions is amongst the leading providers of Software & IT services encompassing development and delivery of complex projects for enhancing business growth of its customers. Mindfire has added value to more than 250.

Clients in US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia in the 12 years of its operations. The company has over 700 people, spread across 3 Advanced Development Centers (ADCs) in India which are equipped with ultra modern facilities, and where Mindfireans strive round the clock for achieving customer delight. For more information on Mindfire Solutions, please visit Mindfire Solutions. To discuss how we can help you, please contact us on or call 1-248-686-1424.

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